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I’m a self-taught programmer who has mostly been doing web engineering out of Geneva, CH in the past years, with the Neuroinformatics team at the Blue Brain Project and then later Nexthink. Before that I was a fullstack developer in Berlin, and a translator for the film industry in Beijing, China.

I wanted to create procedural tools since hosting my first game of Dungeons and Dragons in 2018. Mostly compelled by the wicked sirensong of worldbuilding, I’ve been slowly collecting a craft of graphics programming, generative art, and machine learning in order to realize virtual places.

I’m particularly interested in generating locales with a sense of historical or emotional depth, one where a player would be proud to call home, to nurture that feeling when you have the chance to host some friends visiting from out of town for the first time.

I also enjoy sailing, although I’m not good at it. I’ve trained up to Day Skipper in the RYA rubric.

You can find me reading genre fiction at a laundromat or running along the East River.

Give me your book recommendations and tell me the world is gonna be okay ❤️.

Looking to hire me? Here’s my résumé!

I just finished my batch at the Recurse Center, and now after all that self-direction exploration of programming, I’m ready to join a new crew.

If you’re building a team that makes use of high-performance web technologies and graphics programming, I’ll be interested in hearing from you! Just send me an email or dm me on twitter.